For ethical vegetarian and animal rights activists?

William Asked: For ethical vegetarian and animal rights activists?

Do you have an ethical issue with someone eating dumpstered meat (meat found in a dumpster or also known as meaganism).
Thanks for your answers.


Ryan Answered:
What are you homeless. No I'm just kidding. But first off let me be honest and tell you im not a vegetarian or animal rights activists but i do know what you are talking about. I have actuallly seen a show where they talked about that and while i would have to muster up some inner courage to do so i thik it would be fine as long as its still good which is likely considering the amount of waste out there. Any animal rights activist will say its wrong to eat meat blah blah blah, but being a person who doesnt like waste and thinks everything should be used up is a good thing and a great mindset. If all people still had that mindset like our ancestors or people in other parts of the world did then I'm pretty sure alot of problems would not exist. Just make sure its still good.

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