Enjoy the Flavours of India With Vegetarian Thali

Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarianism that follows complete avoidance of flesh in the food. This form of diet has recently gained prominence worldwide but decades ago certain parts of India and eastern Mediterrian regions have adopted this way of food consumption as a way of life. Certain sections of people practicing Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism have adopted this way of life to keep them from killing animals for survival. This methodology passed on to the current generation as well, hence communities in Gujarat consume gujarati food that is light, fresh and purely prepared by mixing fruits vegetables and Indian spices to add the flavour. This cuisine is like a detox diet as it can help cleanse the body without compromising on flavour. Gujarati customs suggest that individuals belonging to the clan must keep their body clean and pure by not consuming the flesh of animals. Certain section of the community carries out rallies to spread veganism on a public level. This cuisine has become a global favourite as foreigners too enjoy the lightness in textures and the blend of the spices with vegetative ingredients.

Indian cuisine is predominately famous for its vegetarian curries and kebabs that are a unique characteristic in this culture. The vegetarian craze began from Indian cuisine and spread internationally as well. The thali is one such delicacy that is only available in India. The single platter containing variety of vegetables, curries, flat breads and sweet dishes in small proportions is what represents a true Indian thali. Vegetarian thali consists mainly of 5-6 different vegetable preparations and curries accompanied by 2 or sweeter dishes to balance the sweet and savoury elements. The key to a well-balanced thali is the fusion of the right proportion of sweet, sour and spicy components. Once the knack of putting this platter together is learnt then the basic concept of flavour amalgamation becomes simpler. Visually the platter looks to be cluttered but the mixture of flavours eliminates the thought almost instantly. India’s pride and honour of food is exemplified through this preparation.

Gujarati food is a mixture of sharp flavours subdued by the layers of spices and herbs. This type of meal is a local favourite owing to the vibrant flavours. This cuisine has spread on an international level as well on account of its light flavours and unconventional taste. This cuisine has made its name in the food industry owing to its unique textures and unusual intensity in flavours. Vegetarian thali is another form of vegan food that is visually pleasing, utterly delicious and blends will with the local cuisine as well. This delicacy has become an eminent version of vegetarian food that balances the essence of Indian textures rather well. Vegan diets have become a trend and people are converting to this form to adopt healthier eating techniques. As a result cholesterol related ailments can be side tracked easily. With substitutions like soya and goat cheese, chicken and meat can be avoided to eliminate the chances of clogging of the intestines. Vegetarian eating has its perks if cooked wisely!