Eating after 4 tooth extractions?

Asked: Eating after 4 tooth extractions?

Ok, well I got teeth taken out for braces on Thursday (today is Sat.) and I got #'s 4,11,20 and 28 taken out (I furgurd this out with this -> )
Ok so, since today is the third day, There is still a little discomfort around where tooth 20 was.. is that normal? Also I feel like my other teeth are somewhat loose is that also normal? Also Since it was a simple extraction, can I start chewing a little now? The dau I got the extractions all I ate was yougurt and icecream and Jello and yesterday all I ate was yougurt and icecream ans jello and also a little bit of soup and started to chew tiny pieces of some really soft things.. Now, I am getting SICK of eating just sweet things and specially yougurt and jello! So can I eat some like really well cooked rice today? And what else can I eat? keep in mind thatI am vegetarian and we are indian, and so obviously will be making INdian food (but very very mild).. Thanks!!!!!!!!!


Christin Weibush Answered:
I had 5 teeth extracted a few years ago surgically and yesterday I had 1 tooth extracted.. I had noodles last night with butter. I had mashed potatoes when I came home. Don't eat anything with hard particles like buns with sesame seeds.. or anything like that.. Noodles are good mashed potatoes are fine, anything that YOU feel comfortable eating. Try a little here and there and see how your mouth feels, everyone is different and it's completely up to you when you feel like you can eat a little more..

Good luck, I hope my own mouth starts to heal as I am in a lot of pain.

John Answered:
Dont eat anything will small hard bits. When i had mine taken out i just ate mashed potatoes and ramen for a while. Cheap and easy to make.

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