Does This Virgo HATE Me or Am I The Least Perfect Person Ever? [LONG]?

smotpoker4u Asked: Does This Virgo HATE Me or Am I The Least Perfect Person Ever? [LONG]?

I constantly speak to a virgo woman online, although i've been giving us some distance in the past 2 weeks because im just not sure about "us" anymore. Things such as, not seeing her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. anymore, not continuing the conversation when she doesn't respond to something i say, etc..

i'll be honest, she gave me the password to an instant messenger about 2 years ago which updates the chat history despite never being part of the conversation. so just recently i started logging on seeing what was up. yeah, call me a creepy stalker, etc.. i deserve it, but despite that, lets get back to the point.

I see a DRAMATIC difference in the way she speaks to me and the way she speaks to others. Whatever i say, she usually stays silent and doesnt respond much to what i say if anything at all, i usually keep talking and talking and she says very little. Despite this, she tends to spend as much time with me as possible, ignoring others when shes around me, spending day and night with me and only me. Very few times does she fall silent on me like she usually does and in reality shes talking to someone else, but it does happen, and she comes back saying she was bathing or sleeping after ignoring them and coming back to me.

When she speaks to other people, she responds to [every. single. message.]. She adds something to the conversation and responds with lol's (she never does with me), i never knew she spoke so much. I'm jealous that she can have such long, devoted conversations with others where she actually responds to the things they say, jokes around, adds more to the conversation and keeps it alive. She doesn't respond to all my messages, if any response at all, its a one-end conversation where i speak and she's just there and i know shes "just there" because shes on cam with me although im on cam and she NEVER shows herself on cam. If i say something "funny" she calls me an idiot or a retard, but i've seen numerous times where other people say the EXACT same thing and she laughs hysterically and even adds something to it.

She became a vegetarian. All of the sudden she kept egging me on to become a vegetarian, showing me youtube clips and stuff. She kept telling me everyday "you disgust me, i just want you to know that and nothing can change my mind.", "i hate everyone that eats meat.", "eww you make me sick", "you're disgusting". Simply because i wasnt a vegetarian like her. On the other hand, the other people shes VERY close to, she NEVER mentioned how they should stop eating meat, she just told them shes a vegetarian now and she finds meat disgusting. She never called them disgusting. She never ridiculed them or humiliated them for eating meat. She never tried to get them to change and even joked about meat dishes they said they were going to eat.

She tries to get me to change EVERYTHING. My life, my clothes, my facial cleanser, my shoes, everything. She doesn't do this to anyone else. Mind you, when I say "everyone else", i mean this one guy i know she likes a lot, as equally as much as me (or like she used to like me) but she doesnt try to get him to change and theyre still meeting up. But she would never meet me up if i ate meat, drank alcohol, etc.. etc.. like he does.

Shes constantly criticizing me over the things that the other guy does, but he recieves no criticism from her whatsoever. They're meeting up, but she would never meet me up with the same exact flaws he has.

As soon as i speak to someone else and she knows it, she immediately says "hold on, im checking my other account" which she wont tell me what her other instant messenger account is. She says shes talking to some really hot, sexy, wealthy, executive job guy and that shes busy so she cant speak to me.

This is sort of messy because i'm in a bit of a rage right now and I don't feel i put EVERYTHING down but it'll have to do.

Why is it that if another guy does something, its perfectly fine and she still likes them the same and wants to meet up with them, but if i do the exact same thing, im an idiotic retard thats disgusts her and needs to change immediately and she would feel "disgusted" to be around me? But… then why does she spend all her time with me? Is she just bored? She would have me cam day and night, while i sleep, shower, cook, eat, etc.. and not speak to anyone else (atleast the majority of times, even when presented with the opportunity, but not always). Why does she spend all her time with me then if im an idiot that disgusts her and everything i do is wrong, when i help her she ignores it, when someone else helps her she showers them with gratitude. Why does she criticize only me, but others dont get equal criticism (no criticism at all) and she still gives them full priviledges like she gives me.

Does she hate me and only keeps me arou


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