Does b-12 really give you energy? please help me!?

Kelli Asked: Does b-12 really give you energy? please help me!?

I'm tired everyday, all day long. It doesn't matter if I get less then 8 hours sleep, 8 hours sleep, or more then 8 hours sleep (Which is supposed to be bad and make you more tired.) I'm still mentally and psychically exhausted. I can hardly play video games because that adrenaline rush you get when playing just kills me. My mother told me to take b-12, so I took one this morning. Will this help me not be so tired?

(I havent drank soda in 5 years. I dont touch caffeine and I ended up drinking two mocha's yesterday just because I'm so sick and tired of being tired! I want to be awake on my own accord, not from some chemical induced compound!!)

I'm 19, female, 5'7. My starting weight was 258lbs, and I'm currently 210lbs. I do 40 minutes on the treadmill 6 days a week. I've been a vegetarian for 5 years, I drink plenty of water (Actually drank to much water, so I've brought myself down.)


Dance Answered:
You should get checked for vitamin deficiencies. B12 deficiencies are really rare because the body produces it. You should get blood work done. You may be anemic.

Tini Answered:
Absolutely! B vitamin complex, especially B12 are great for energy.
This article will dissect this better 🙂

You might need to eat more carbs too. A lot of people, when they cut down carbs too much always feel tired, groggy, cranky, etc.

Here is a BMR calculator to tell you exactly how many calories you need to be eating to lose weight (the healthy way) and keep it off

Heres a great website dedicated to getting you in shape

🙂 I'm glad to help you anytime!

Matt Answered:
B-12 is mainly for memory help. B-6 is aimed more at exercise.

You may be vegetarian, but you still need to avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index so you aren't spiking your blood sugar. (People think spaghetti is 'safe' when it really hurts because it is basically white flour). Try adding oatmeal or a very high fiber cereal to your meal plan.

Ralph Answered:
You should be taking a B-Complex vitamin which contains all the essential B-vitamins rather than just B-12 alone. Personally, I have been taking B-Complex vitamins for a few years and it really helps to release energy from my diet and keep me more energetic.

How is your quality of sleep? Do you get up in the middle of the night often? If you do, you can improve your quality of sleep by taking calcium magnesium supplements before going to bed. Calcium and magnesium helps to calm your nerves and relaxes your body, enabling you to have a much better quality of sleep. When you have a good rest, your body will feel more refreshed too.

Hope that helps.

bailee Answered:
They do. 🙂

Jason Answered:
The body does NOT create vitamin B-12. Don't listen to whoever said that. Vegans/vegetarians too often are deficient in B-12 because it is naturally found in animal proteins and not in vegetables. B-12 will do you good in the energy department, but you must know that most B-12 supplements found in the vitamin isle are of the form "cyanocobalamin" which does not convert very well into the usable form "methylcobalamin". I suggest shopping around online for a methylcobalamin B-12 supplement. I use the Swanson brand sublingual and it works great.

The other more likely cause of low energy in vegetarians is too little protein intake. Don't be afraid to supplement with a vegetarian protein power like pea protein–that's in addition to eating a ton of beans.

-methyl B-12 supplement
-UP protein
-UP healthy fats
-UP fiber (shouldn't be hard if you are eating real vegetables and not processed crap)
-QUALITY food… Nothing for a box or plastic wrap.

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