Do you think there is really a stereotype in India about muslim young men being more handsome and ro

lala Asked: Do you think there is really a stereotype in India about muslim young men being more handsome and ro

(continued …) their Hindu counterparts ? If it is so , then what exactly contributes to this stereotype or generalization ? Is it because muslims men are non-vegetarians and meat-eaters more than hindus are ?
Or do you think bollywood personalities like Shahrukh khan and other khan /muslim actors have contributed to this ? Do you really think muslim young men in general tend to be more handsome than their hindu counterparts ? Could this explain why so many hindu women marry muslim men ?


Mike Williams Answered:
I doubt that stereotype is anywhere near valid.If muslim men were that handsome, it would be them that would have to cover their faces so not tempt women.

Be a fair witness Answered:
How can you come up with non sense like this.? I seriously doubt your up bringing.

Objectiv ist Answered:
hmmm, I dunno.


But, I think I'm more of the marry for love and personality before "OMG, hellooooo gorgeous!"
I can live with looking at Shahrukh Khan on tv and married to a hindu man with a killer personality.

Which is kind of odd, because I'm part of a hindu family…but I have atheistic "beliefs."
However, to appease my family, I will marry a man that comes from a hindu family as well (just not a very religious man)

lovin it Answered:

Its how you maintain yourself.. makes you handsome or beautiful..

kool dude Answered:
I do not think that is true. Or that a non-vegetarian diet has anything to do with it.

Arash S Answered:
It's their good deeds which brighten up their faces with Allah's noor. Hindus are often busy in invoking false gods worshipping stones, sticks and lifeless idols.

The Khan Answered:
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

A H Answered:
Not really. What a person eats isn't something I use to find someone attractive, unless they are extremely unhealthy.

Jeremy Answered:
No not at all! I think it's great cause being a vegetarian and eating fruits and vegatables is a great way to take care of your body. :]

strawman Answered:
no, healthy girls are very attractive to me… especially since Im a meat-eating, drunken pothead myself 😉 although, eating things like chicken, turkey & dairy products is much healthier than eating only veggies believe it or not.

Merde Answered:
no. but being a niqqer is.

Sarah Louise Answered:
who doesnt like a women who eats a burger

Blackest Eyes Answered:
Not really. I'm vegetarian 😛

jhiyjihjyithjo Answered:
No it doesn't bother me what other people choose to eat

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