Do chicken-flavored Ramen Noodles have any meat in them?

Animeobsessed Asked: Do chicken-flavored Ramen Noodles have any meat in them?

I know this is a stupid question, but is the flavor packet simply seasoning or does it have some kind of meat? I just became a vegetarian and I don't want to mess up, but this is the only food item at the moment that I'm either sure doesn't have meat or I just have no idea. Please take it seriously. <3


RoseBud Answered:
You need to read the ingredients list. They list every thing in the package. I think it probably does contain meat but you must read the ingredients to know for sure.

Gerardo Av Answered:
No its all artificial flavoring, why do you think its like 20 cents a bag.

JeffV Answered:
you would have to check the ingredients of the seasoning packet. most chicken broths or bullion used to make broth are made from cooked chicken, so i guess it depends on how strictly vegetarian you are trying to be. but, i would suggest trying to find out the ingredients of the seasoning packet if you're not sure…

Sophie Answered:
Although I'm sure the flavor packet is highly processed, if it says it is chicken-flavored, then it is derived from a chicken– so that means it is not suitable for vegetarians.Just because there isn't "meat" in it does not necessarily mean it is vegetarian.

Daniel Answered:
My wife and I eat these all the time. She is vegetarian and I am not. I eat them with the packet and she does not. She is a very strict vegetarian and has been for about 12 years and knows ingredients on almost everything. She would tell you to just put a little olive oil in the noodles with some garlic for flavor. I tried to tell her its just spices but she said there is chicken in the packet. Hopes this helps..

Tom Answered:
All of the meat-flavored Ramen Noodles from Maruchan contain meat from their respect sources including beef, chicken and shrimp. The meat is not actual animal protein like a steak, but there is dried meat in the seasoning packets if the Ramen are meat-flavored

socutecutie Answered:
No, it just has chicken seasoning in it so it tastes like chicken.

Desiree Aldridge Answered:
Yes it does. I'm a vegetarian too!

Island Spirit Answered:
The noodles are vegetarian but the flavor packet is not.The Ramen Oriental flavor, contains no animal ingredients at all, including in the flavoring packet. So the Oriental flavor is vegetarian, but the other flavors have animals products in the flavor packets.

Glorious Chilidog Answered:
Yes, of course it has meat products in it.

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