Do chefs need to taste food?

Carlo Barton Asked: Do chefs need to taste food?

I'm considering becoming a chef but I am a vegetarian.

I dont mind working with meat, but I was just wondering if chefs taste the food they make in a professional restaurant. And as i'm vegetarian, I don't want to taste food.

Help would be appreciated 🙂


Cletus Answered:
I'm not saying this to be an argumentative smart a**.But yes you have to taste your food.And if you don't eat meat then you shouldn't prepare it in a professional setting.How would you know what tastes good? (Meatwise)My humble suggestion is that you specialize in veg cuisine.Do you know about guys have great food.Notice I say great food… not great vegetarian food(which it is).If you give them a call I'm sure they'd be happy to speak with you.They're a very friendly crew.Good luck.

Jose Answered:
Yes you have to taste your food. How else are you going to know if what you are putting out there is good?

Chiralty Answered:
Most do, because they can be sure that they seasoned/cooked their food right.You can still be vegetarian and be a chef, but you would have to eat a small bit of meat every now and then.Besides, how will you know how to cook it if you don't know how it tastes?

Loki LaufeyJarson Answered:
Well you could pay someone to be your taste tester……

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