Delicious SEOUL Story: Vegetarian Royal Palace Ddukbokki

Ingredients for 4 people: – 20 – 25 rice cakes – a hand full of mushrooms – 4 bell peppers (you can use different colors of bell peppers) – 1 big cucumber or 2/3 small ones – 3 tbs water – sesame seeds for the sauce: – 3tbs soy sauce – 1 tbs brown sugar (you can also use honey if you like, honey tastes different than sugar, so I would advise adding a half tbs honey) – 1 tbs sesame oil – 2 tbs green onion – a little garlic Secret, magic ingredient : maggi aroma maggi (sounds like 'magic' in french, 'magie') is used a lot in cooking in my French family I do believe that adding a few drops of this 'magic potion' (like we used to call it when we were kids) will make the dish even tastier. Although ddukbokki isn't necessarily served with rice, you can serve it with rice (wich also fits better in the european way of seeing a dinner: rice/pasta/potatoes + vegetables + meat). To read something about me, the dish and my critique of the dish please click the following link : (youtube doesn't allow the description to be that long) as requested by "visitseoul": name: Marise van Domburg nationality: French & Dutch