Cucumber Water (8.24.12 – Day 12) How to make Cucumber Water?

Cucumber water is not sweet tea, but we are not making sweet tea today; we are making cucumber water. This is my logic: southern sweet tea is liquid diabetes, but what is the alternative. At your party or dinner, there is probably soda pop available which is probably worst than sweet tea and you probably have some hot stale water sitting off to the side. But what if that water wasn't all nasty looking. What if we made it a star, like it could quench any thirst ever! That is where the cucumbers come into play. If there were a nice refreshing pitcher of cucumber water awaiting you, would you pick the water over the sweet tea? No? Most people wouldn't, but I know that instead of getting a second, third, fourth glass of tea, some of you may try the cucumber water instead. Do you know how many calories you would save by just replacing one of those glasses with cucumber water? A medium McDonalds Sweet Tea (and let's face it, we always get the large) is almost 200 liquid-non-nutritious calories. A large is 300. Drink more water, and make it special. Find me: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Blog: How to make Cucumber Water? Ingredients: 1 medium sized cucumber, sliced 2 pints water Directions: Other videos on how to make cucumber water: Health benefits of cucumber water While there are a million and one dietary supplement drinks and even more recovery drinks out there for those trying to stay <b>…</b>