Can you be person for animal rights if your vegetarian?

Otis S Asked: Can you be person for animal rights if your vegetarian?

my brother tells me i cant believe in animal rights if i eat eggs he say that im still eating meat. Why are people such a**holes when i tell them i vegetarian, one time i was at my friends party and we were duccusing it because my friend told them before hand that i was a vegetarian and some yuppie b*stard was like when i see a cow alls what i think about are steaks and when my friend handed me a slice a cake the yuppie was like hey your eating eggs your still eating meat and i just bassically ignored him any thing similar happen to you guys?


Fruit Fly Answered:
I'm not completely vegetarian because I don't eat pork or beef. I don't think that just cuz you eat eggs makes you unqualified to be an animal rights' person. Everything you eat is not going to be egg free and it will be a lot more harder on the cook too. I also thinks it was great that you just ignored the guy at th party. You are on the right path, keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freeyourself1anarchist Answered:
No. If you are still exploiting animals in your life intentionally then you cannot be for animal rights truthfully. Sort of like saying you are against racism but use the "n" word still even if in lesser quantities. Obviously though you can be somewhat animal friendly in some parts of your life and work on campaigns and issues that would fall under animal rights. I started opposing fur and vivisection when I was a vegetarian and it took way to long for me to go vegan however I couldn't honestly call myself an animal rights persyn because I was actively opposing animal rights by using animals mostly for food (I never really was big into animals as entertainment or for clothes though at that point I had shoes that had some leather in them and I tended to buy stuff not tested on animals).

Obviously you are doing a bit better than most of the rest of the world but you still have a way to go. I would start transitioning to veganism and then work for animal rights.

I am not questioning your vegetarianism and I think your friends are stupid for attacking you for something they do as well. Pot meet kettle…LOL

Island Spirit Answered:
Just ignore negative people, don't let them get to you.Good for you for standing up for what you believe in.Eggs are not meat.If you are a vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy, it's called a lacto ovo vegetarian.If you eat eggs but not dairy it's called ovo vegetarian.Much peace and happiness to you.

Madison Answered:
not to be rude, because im a vegetarian, but i think its hipocritical to "beleive" in animal rights when you dont care about the animals to become a vegetarian. eggs are not meat. dont let your brother brainwash you. but egg-laying chickens for the meat industry are treated worse than meat chickens, and thats a fact because after they cant make eggs anymore THEN they are made into meat. if you want to be a vegetarian, there are so many reasons, but do it gradually

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