Can vegetarians eat this?

Alex T Asked: Can vegetarians eat this?

I have a type of bean soup that contains cream and butter. Could a vegetarian eat it? And does it contain animal enzymes? It doesn't say anything on the package.


Long hair Joe Answered:
Every1 knows that bean soups are made of kittens, puppies, and babies… silly.

Lisa Answered:
yes u can eat it and if doesnt say it on the package then it doesnt

Bert Answered:
I don't know if it contains any animals enzymes.Vegetarians can eat cream and butter, they just don't eat meat and animal fat.It's vegans that do not any product derived from animals.

RoseBud Answered:
A vegetarian could eat that, a vegan could not. Cream and butter are dairy products which vegetarians will eat but vegans will not. The only animal enzyme I can think of is rennet. If it doesn't list rennet or "animal enzymes" then there aren't any in it. Products sold in the US are required by law to list all of their ingredients on the package.

Audifan8595 Answered:
Yes–vegetarians can eat animal products. It's vegans who won't eat things like eggs, butter, and cream.
No, there will not be animal enzymes; unless you are using raw milk to make the cream and butter, and then not cooking it at a high temperature, there will be no functioning enzymes. When you pasteurize a dairy product, it denatures the enzymes, making them useless. So they will be present in the cream and butter, but they won't have any impact on you whatsoever.

pretty in pnk Answered:
Yes you can eat it.Vegetarians eat animal products like cream and butter, they just don't eat animal flesh and meat.If the packaging label does not say it contains any animal enzymes it should be 100% vegetarian.

Desiree Aldridge Answered:
Yes it does. I'm a vegetarian too!

Island Spirit Answered:
The noodles are vegetarian but the flavor packet is not.The Ramen Oriental flavor, contains no animal ingredients at all, including in the flavoring packet. So the Oriental flavor is vegetarian, but the other flavors have animals products in the flavor packets.

Glorious Chilidog Answered:
Yes, of course it has meat products in it.

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