Buddhism, Zen Meditation should not eat animal products?

Asked: Buddhism, Zen Meditation should not eat animal products?

I was told by a Buddhist monk that we should not eat animals products if we call ourselves Buddhist or practice Zen Meditation. He said that we are Fruitarians by nature and designed to eat Fruits/greens and some nuts and that we are primarily primates. He said that primates eat occasionally insects when they can't find fruits but if given the choice they prefer fruits. He said that Buddha was wrong in his teachings by permitting Buddhist monks to accept meals with fishes or meat in them. He said that one should not eat dead animals , that by doing so they are encouraging more killings and sufferings and therefore the diet is not compatible with the Buddhist views. He said that animal consummation leads to chronic diseases ( Cancers/heart diseases etc..) and that by itself should be a clear warning that we are not designed to eat animals products. He said that any Buddhist that is not a vegetarian/vegan should be ashamed of himself.


Buddhism, Zen Meditation should not eat animal products?

~~~ The fellow was obviously un-Enlightened, and had his nose pasted to a rule book. A Buddhist pharisee!

The fact is that you can practice Zen meditation while slurping down a hamburger! Or taking (leaving?) a dump!
Or anything else!
There are no excuses, and no more time left to engage in such traditional ritual, especially as they hinder, more than help, these days! No one can sit on the floor (or a cushion) cross legged anyway with all the fatties out there! They'd never be able to get up!
Good reason NOT to practice? If the ritual was 'necessary' then, no practice?

Pay attention;

Zen (thoughtless) meditation is a breeze! You can do it any and everywhere, you need no clothes at all, oe dressed to the 9s. You can be washing the dishes, in the bathroom, watching TV, working… whatever!
I'm sure that I'll get flak from the traditionalists, misery loves company!
I'm not suggesting anything that I don't Know is useful
Here goes;
Watch your breaths. Watch the air enter, watch it leave, watch it enter, back and forth, in and out,,,
You will find that you have been distracted by some passing thoughts, but when you remember, simply continue to watch your breath while being mindful (in this case); PAY ATTENTION!!
And breathe!
Naturally! No special breathing, no breath control, no 'will-power', just relaxed, watch your breaths and Pay Attention!
There you go.
When you 'get it'?
You didn't! Keep practicing!!
Results guaranteed!

See? No BS, no 'work', and no excuses!

tat tvam asi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tat_Tvam_As

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