Becoming a Vegetarian?

Asked: Becoming a Vegetarian?

Vegetarians do not eat fish, meat, poultry or shell fish, they avoid certain food colouring and additives, gelatin and rennet. Vegetarians eat vegetables, beans, lentils, soya and quorn products, wholegrains, rice, pasta, tofu, nuts and seeds, fruits and they can eat dairy products, cheese and honey.
Vegans omit all animal products, dairy, eggs and honey. Vegans avoid all areas of animal exploitation including visiting zoos, circuses, aquariums. They abhor horse racing, hunting, wearing fur, silk, wool and leather. Vegans use cleaning products and toiletries that have not been tested on animals, they also avoid medication tested on animals or have animal by-products in them.
Veganism is not just a diet but affects all areas of lifestyle, vegetarian is mainly a diet but can also include avoiding wearing animal skins and products tested on animals.


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