Are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat/fish/poultry?

dejele Asked: Are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat/fish/poultry?

How did you decide on the diet?


Destiny Answered:
i eat meat

Good Music Feeds My Soul Answered:
I eat meat…

Julianne T Answered:
I love meat and all my family eats meat so I do too! 😀


Tainted Love Answered:
I'm Vegan no meat, cheese or anything that comes from animals

Such a PYT Answered:
I'm not a vegetarian. My friend is. She let me try fake meat and vegetarian dishes and they are amazing! But I can't get away from chicken and sausages.

Princess Answered:
I eat meat, fish, and poultry, but not oftenly.

Klavier Gavin Answered:
I'm vegan.

I decided this when I watched a video on how they treat animals in slaughterhouses. Never eaten meat since.

chacecrawford Answered:
I don't eat meat and i just decided not to i Always do my best to eat really healthy and drink lots of water and everything i just prefer not to eat meat even though i use to love it

Cammy Answered:
well once we tried to be on a diet but we couldn'tdo 2 day without fish or meat

Cyw Dryw Answered:
I eat meat. My family eats it too

Oranges 3 You SPACS Answered:
I'm a vegetarian.

mcrgirl4life Answered:
im not very fussy, i eat meat,fish and poultry, and veg. i didnt decide on it, its just the way it is, never really thought about it.

sequinedtears Answered:
Vegetarian and striving to become vegan.I just did research on our meat industry and was disgusted with how animals are treated, appalled it is not required to inform the consumer of cloned meat, and horrified at the quality of meat.

Petter Wss Answered:
Omnivore here!

Consider our historical diet, the shape of our teethe and the functions of our digestive system, being an omnivore is simply the most natural choice.

As a further bonus it is also the most delicious one, since I can eat whatever I fancy.

Riley Lee Answered:
I don't eat weird meat or baby animals or pig. But I do eat chicken, turkey, beef, and tuna. Other seafood is gross so I don't eat it. I don't eat pig because they were my favorite animals so I stopped eating them when I was around ten. I'm not strict though. When I was in Greece I ate gyros even though they're lamb. It isn't really an ethical thing I just get kind of grossed out and I'm a picky eater.

BJBB Answered:
Uh… we eat meat and it was decided for us by our ancestors

Faraz Answered:
i eat vegetables and meat

Corn Answered:
I'm vegetarian

I don't think animals deserve to die just so I can eat them…I wouldn't like if they did that to me

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