Are the following chocolates and sweets suitable for vegetarians?

Miz Boons Asked: Are the following chocolates and sweets suitable for vegetarians?

Milky Way Magic Stars
Milky Way

My friend bought me a fun size bag today, but I can't see a vegetarian symbol on the bag.

I don't usually eat these chocolates, so I'm not sure.

I asked this question in the appropriate category but it's dead (the section that is:)

Thank you:)


Manjit Answered:
Yes they are

Mythical Creature Answered:
I work at nursery and we give all the vegetariankids chocolates occasionally …

don't quote me on that ….

yeah, they're all fine.

Lipi Answered:
Hello Miz Boons

vegetarians you are kidding

Just eat the chocolates and say well to bad

Oz Robbo Answered:
Yes, there are no problems with any of those.

All of the major ingredients are plant-based, and as such they do not pose a contradiction to your food choices.

Too many at once may not necessarily be advisable, but they are certainly alright for you to eat and not compromise your convictions….and they taste great too!!


Cait Kia Kaha All Blacks Answered:
I'm pretty sure none of those sweets contain gelatine so you should be fine eating them. I'm a vegetarian and I eat them.

XTC Answered:
All are OK except Skittles, as they contain gelatin.

Gelatin is made by boiling crushed animal bones.

Irina zil Answered:
There is this good candy called M. Guk and its made of cabbage and jelly mmmm…….

Deep Blue Yonder Answered:
Hi Mizz in answer to your question unless its chocolate especially made for vegetarians ,,,,all Chocolate contains Animal fats so i would not eat it if i was you. Hope this helps Mizz.

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