Anyone else tried drinking Oxo (stock) Cubes?

Matt Notgiven Asked: Anyone else tried drinking Oxo (stock) Cubes?

I'm drinking stock cubes albeit vegetable stock cubes
cause I try to be a vegetarian

It tastes really good !


SalUK Answered:
I quite like them actually, but I prefer Bovril (sorry not veggie though)

Eve Answered:
No, although my mum suggested it when I was sick.

MISTER Phobe to you Answered:
Yes, they make a nice drink although a bit salty.

Wendy Answered:
Yes I've drank them since I was a kid so that's over forty years,my kids love them too tasty aren't they.Try dipping toast in.

andrew doyle Answered:

Eye Knows Answered:
I used to drink the beef ones.

bookworm530 Answered:
Oxo must be a UK brand ??I enjoy a Knorr Beef Stock Cube drink on cold winter days.

hotrod Answered:
ohhhhhhhh man!!! my mum used 2 give us this as akid and id completly forgot about it untill i seen this!!! ur a legend! WIFE…SHOP….OXO..NOW!!!!!!! 🙂

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