Angel’s First Personal Blog ~ Introduction to Angel: 6-25-2012

Aloha friends! Here is my first personal video blog explaining why I have chosen to do videos… To share with you my experiences of love, hope, and joy, to share the experiences of the weird, wonderful and paranormal, to share intuitive Angel and Ascended Master Card readings, and don't forget also vegetarian cooking & makeup application tips!! More to come my friends!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES… 😉 It is my passion and goal in life to assist mankind in whatever ways I possibly can… Please feel free to leave any questions or comments, personal requests on subject matters that interest you, etc. I am more than happy to share what I can, in the spirit of service… Find me on FB by clicking on my facebook tab off my youtube channel page… I love posting positive things to share with everyone there as much as I can. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Namaste ~ Love and Light!!! 😀 *