7 Sisters Gluten Free Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken

7 Sisters gluten Free presents our easy to make, tasty to eat gluten-free honey bbq chicken dinner! Prep and cook time is less than 20 minutes!!! You can't beat this meal and your family will beg for more on a regular basis. Use as suggested or substitute with vegetarian or vegan substitutions as you like. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1/2 cup of honey 1 tbs of mustard 4 tbs butter, melted 1 tbs Mrs Dash 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp black pepper 3 chicken breast, thin sliced (or 5-6 chicken tenders) Mix ingredients well, coat chicken then grill for about 7 minutes and serve! We serve ours with baked potatoes or yams and peas- either frozen, canned or fresh- your choice. Start to finish your meal will be ready in less than 20 minutes- unbeatable!