26 september Nibiru-survival kit

We are preparing for our friends all over the world to move here now in time for Nibiru. You get all you need in time before your money gets useless, that will happen before september 26. Use some money and invest in an apartment here in Vara and a one month supply of vegetarian food. One of my friends will fix everything for you, all you have to do is to put some money on our account, we do this without profit, the price depends on the apartment and I am connecting right now with a company to bring you the lowest possible price for this wonderful food. Here is an example of an apartment, the rent is 260 Euro a month: www.blocket.se Here is a bigger one, 452 Euro: www.blocket.se Homekit VARA CELEBRATION, part of swEden2012: *********************************************************** Chickpeas, dried 20 cans Lemon juice 1 liter salt 1 chili 1 pepper 1 curry 1 turmeric 1 ginger 1 cumin 1 cooking oil 2 onion 20 garlic 5 crushed tomatoes 5 flour 1 coffee 2 sugar 1 milk powder 1 Basmati rice 5 dish soup 1 washing powder 1 toothbrush 1 An apartment close to Vara Celebration 5 liters of kerosene camping cokware 1 toilet paper 10 rolls kitchen utensils, frying pan, saucepan, coffee filters + funnel, plate, cutlery, cup, mattress, bedding, towels water container 10 liters 3 Soaps, a toothbrush, toothpaste without flouride 3 -One booked Ticket to Ark Q1 in the mountain of Kinnekulle for everyone who behaves and comes here in time. Join us here: www.facebook.com/jorgenlof sweden2012 <b>…</b>

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